I am starting my second decade of living with the Celiac diagnosis and I am on a mission with the Celiacsense blog:  to get more folks with Celiac disease invited to the party, and to have more hosts comfortable preparing gluten free menus.

The scenario happens regularly in my life, where I accept a dinner invitation from a dear friend or someone I would really like to get to know better.  Then I remember,  I have to discuss with them the fact that I have Celiac disease.  What to do? Decline the invitation, offer to bring my own meal, or give the host a crash course in gluten free cooking?  I’ve always wanted a place to send the host for information on feeding folks with Celiac disease.  That is my motivation with these pages; it’s personal.  I am creating a place to send friends, family, and the curious, for a beginner’s guide to serving the sort of totally gluten free menu a person with Celiac disease requires to be healthy and pain free.

I wanted to deny my Celiac disease diagnosis, but it was undeniable as the mysterious array of symptoms that had been present for three years came back when I accidentally ingested anything containing or contaminated with gluten.  The first tell tale sign that I have consumed gluten is a section of my right leg goes numb.  I share this bit of my story to emphasize that for a person with Celiac disease, a gluten free diet is not a fad but a very serious requirement for maintaining basic health.

Thank you for visiting Celiacsense and taking the time to learn about accommodating a truly gluten free guest.

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