Give a Call, Send an Email

Party planning is really key for the health of your guest with Celiac disease.  I love it when my host has the menu sorted out then contacts me to review what they anticipate serving before going grocery shopping.  This puts both of our minds at ease and makes both of our lives simpler. As one with Celiac disease, I believe in taking responsibility for what I eat or don’t eat;  I am happy to help out with suggesting brands that I know are gluten free and advising on brands to avoid.  This can save my host time at the grocery store and saves me the angst of whether their wonderful menu really is totally gluten free.

I happily offer to bring special gluten free items that may serve the host only this once and am grateful when my offer is accepted, so please accept if your guest offers to help supply an ingredient or dish.  I know that cooking gluten free is a hassle and appreciate the time and energy the host is putting in to include me in the party.  I have brought homemade salad dressing, gluten free soy sauce, specialty ice-cream, and have dropped off early other ingredients such as rice flour and mustard which need to be added to a dish before the guests arrive; it is all part of the life of a person with Celiac.

I do not expect every dish on the menu to accommodate my strict dietary needs.  Privately in the communications before the party is a great time to review what parts of the menu will not be gluten free.  This preparation lets my host and me enjoy the party.   The end goal is to safely include your guest with Celiac disease in the gathering; food is important but enjoying human connections is the real reason to party.

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