If you are looking to feed a friend with Celiac disease you have come to the right spot. Whether it’s cocktails, a dinner party, or a weekend gathering, there is planning required for a fun time, especially when including a guest with Celiac.  Here at CeliacSense, along with well-tried recipes, there are tips and strategies for gluten free meal planning for folks who must follow a strict gluten free diet (reading through the 3 Starter Tips is a great way to begin).

Today most everyone has heard of gluten but I find that friends have lots of questions when they are cooking for me.  I have created these pages to answer many of the frequently asked questions and to be an accessible guide for safely feeding a friend or family member with Celiac.  I appreciate your taking the time to learn and navigate the gluten free world so that more folks with Celiac disease and others who must follow a strict gluten free diet can join in the party.  After all who doesn’t appreciate a good party.

Thanks again for visiting CeliacSense.  Regards,  Linda